About the Society of Glass Technology

Founded in 1916, the Society of Glass Technology has served the world-wide glass community for nearly a century.
As a Learned Society and specialist publisher, the SGT is a not-for-profit organisation established in the UK as a Registered Charity (Number 237438).   Although its office is in Sheffield, a major city in the north of England, its membership spans the globe.
From its inception, the Society has sought to bring together all strands of glass interest.   It has played a major role in linking academics and their research with the gritty realities facing glass manufacturers, glass artists and all manner of glass practitioners.
Consistently throughout its long history the SGT has  encouraged the cross fertilisation of ideas across the spectrum of glass specialities, and practical application of new understanding for the benefit of the whole glass community.


The SGT is renowned for publishing two highly respected bi-monthly Journals under the umbrella title of the
European Journal of Glass Science and Technology.

The two component parts of this publication are:

Glass Technology which constitutes part A of the European Journal and which contains reports of applied science in the glass industry, together with studies in the wider fields of glass art, history, archaeology and design.
Physics and Chemistry of Glassesforms part B of the European Journal  and contains reports of original studies in all aspects of the physics and chemistry of glasses, both experimental and theoretical.
Both journals continue to publish book reviews and abstracts from the international scientific and technical literature.
For more information about these journals and also the text books and monographs published by the Society, please click  here